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Welcome to the Chinese Antique Furniture Shop!

We hope you will enjoy learning about and better understanding the allure and history of furniture produced by one of the earth's oldest cultures.

This site provides you with videos to learn the basics on how to differentiate new from old furniture, to recognize traditional construction techniques, and a number of other objectives. Give the videos a quick scan. Although basic, they can offer you some good pointers.

There are reviews of a number of books on Chinese furniture. These book reviews should be helpful to anyone looking to expand their library of reference materials, or gain a deeper insight into Chinese antiques.

This site also provides a simplified glossary of symbols that are used in Chinese furniture which are easily recognized by most Chinese people. These symbols transcend all major religions practiced in China.

The Chinese culture, so well represented in its "every day furniture," is rich in its history and in its beauty. With the value of the Chinese currency expected to rise, and increasing restrictions on the export of Chinese antiques, now is a wonderful time to add to  your collection. We hope this site will lead you to your own adventure of exploring that which China has to offer.