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Cypress Cabinet

My problem is that I only buy what I like. And "like" is not a strong enough word for this cabinet. It has its original door hinges, although I think the hardware may be replaced, and the lower compartment accessible only from inside the cabinet has not been converted into a drawer. Each door has four carved panels on it, so that both doors have eight panels. Funny thing - eight is a lucky number in China. The center panel in both doors has a circular carving (scenes from Chinese Opera, I would guess) surrounded by bats. Again the total number of bats is eight. Another application of the lucky number. The way I would describe this cabinet is "pure" The original paint may well have been over coated, but this cabinet is about as fine as it's going to get. Over 100 years old.

Wood: Cypress

Province: Zhejiang

Dimensions: 77" x 44" x 24"

Price: $2,950