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Pair of Doors #1

I am frequently asked why the number of doors for sale is what it is. Originally were there more than two or four or what ever number I might have? The answer is generally based on speculation rather than an actual historical record. Usually there were more than two doors. If originally there were six or eight pairs, what happened to the missing doors? We don't know for sure, but remember that these doors were taken from houses slated for demolition. It is reasonable to assume that they were damaged beyond repair either before or during demolition.

I feel lucky to have what I do. This particular cypress pair is beautifully preserved. The bottom two panels of each door show the wear from the weather. The top panel shows a chrysanthemum in full bloom with stylized Buddha's hands flower at either side. The pierced carved panel below has a design simple yet elegant.

Wood: Cypress

Province: Shandong

Dimensions: 88" x 21" x 3"

Price: $1,200 pair