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Pair Pine Scholar's Signs

What is the difference between long scholars' signs such as these and pole signs? Much of China's traditional house architecture is comparable to the West's post and beam construction. In China, the posts are round, and pole signs are always rounded so that they tend to wrap about half way around the post. No, I have never had a pole sign that said, "Look out! Don't walk into me." Long scholars' signs were meant to be displayed on a flat wall.

These signs read, "Like an Energy Wave From a Dragon on Earth," and "A Wave of Clouds Like a Phoenix." By now you probably know that in China, a dragon represents a very large, powerful force for good. It is never to be feared. The dragon is so powerful that it can fly into Heaven. The dragon lives in the mountains or sometimes the sea, but with its vast powers, it brings happiness, wealth and longevity.

The phoenix does not have the western concept of rising from the ashes; rather it symbolizes joy and peace. Clouds signify heavenly blessing. No, we're not done yet. The phoenix and the dragon together symbolize a happy marriage with many sons. So here is what you have: A very powerful force bringing you wealth, happiness and longevity (dragon) coupled with an equally powerful force (phoenix) bringing you the heavenly blessings (clouds) of joy and peace together insuring that your physical union with another will be joyful and create your posterity. Somehow seems a lot richer than "Good Luck."

Wood: Unknown

Province: Zhejiang

Dimensions: 69" x 8" x 1"

Price: $1,950 pair