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Red Painted and Carved Doors

The more I study these doors, the greater their visual appeal. The colors: red for happiness; yellow for royally important; black for solemnity. The happiness color is predominate with the "importance" and "solemnity" colors as accents.

The construction is also unusual. The waist and bottom panels found in most doors, are not present here. The front of the door is flush with the molding as opposed to being inset as is so frequently found in other doors. Why these changes? It is due to the requirements of the original doors. The particular spot for which the doors were designed was shorter than standard. As a result, I believe these were interior rather than exterior doors as the color and finish is so well preserved.

Symbolism: The wan symbol of all that is bountiful and plentiful is found in a repeated motif on the top panel. The pierced center panel has repeated cloud motifs signifying heavenly blessings. I hope someone will help me identify the flower at the center of the panel.

These doors are exquisite.  A total of three pairs are available.

Wood: Unknown

Province: Fujian

Dimensions: 80" x 24" x 2"

Price: $2,500 pair