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Chinese Antique Apothecary Chests PDF Print E-mail

John Rogers: Hi I'm John from Here today in our continuing series of videos. This video talks about apothecary chests. Let's just pause for a minute and recognize the Chinese medicine has been practiced and continues to be practiced throughout China. And indeed many aspects of it are very well respected by western medicine.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine often keep their herbs and roots and other things that they use in their cures in apothecary chests or medicine chests. They are specialized pieces of furniture but they're also very interesting. If you look at this one, this has segmented drawers and the contents of each one of the segments is labeled obviously in Chinese on the front of the drawer.

There's seven drawers across and seven drawers down, each with the same size, each with the same compartmentalization. This chest over here is also an apothecary chest. You can see the segmenting four segments in this drawer. And then in the bottom drawer only three segments per drawer. This chest has been refinished so there is nothing left of the labeling on the fronts of the drawers.

This apothecary chest is interesting to me because it has three rows of segments drawers, five up, then you can see the segments in each with the labels of what went into each of the segments on the front. But look at the bottom. The bottom has two relatively shallow but very deep drawers. The specific purpose for these, I don't know. Whether they were for instruments or for extra long roots, I don't know, but interesting to find this type configuration in this chest.

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