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John Rogers: Hi, I'm John from In this video we're going to look at some of the types of chairs that're available in China. There are a large variety of different arm chairs. One of the most popular ones is shown herein, the horseshoe chair. This with it's obviously horseshoe shaped back as a style that has been in China as a formal chair for over 500 years.

There are other types of side chairs as well and many, many side chairs. For example, this chair here is known as a lamp hanger chair for again obvious reasons. The ears of the top crest rail extend out as though one could hang a lamp on the side of it for light or for reading. These come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

You can see this is in many ways a larger seat, the ears of the crest rail are shaped up more than the ears of this crest rail. But you can tell that it is a significantly shorter chair. This is a simple side chair painted and very similar to Queen Anne American or English style. This style is more elaborate. It has inlay carved on the back slat. I call them ladies chairs because they're relatively short. It has a rattan seat.

But again the rattan is supported underneath by wood so that there's no danger of fragility in chair seat. And this is a very primitive type bamboo chair that is available throughout China. So you've had the range here of formal down to relatively simple. Thanks for watching this video. Please be sure to visit our Web site, sign up for our newsletter so that you can be advised of future video releases and also updates to the site. Thanks again for watching.