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John Rogers: Hi I'm John from And I'm here today in our continuing series of videos to talk with you about an unusual form found in Chinese furniture and that is the clothes rack. Instead of hanging things up in closets as we're accustomed to in the west, years ago in China and even today in some parts of rural China racks like this are used for clothes.

So a garment taken off is put over one of these folding or one of these horizontal bars and then shoes or whatever can be put on the bottom rack. This is a particularly good example of very simple, basic clothes rack. Please look at this one. Not only is this one bigger but it is much, much more elaborate. This clothes rack is replete with symbols.

We have a separate video on symbols and I'm not going to go over every one here. But I particularly want you to notice the fungus of immortality. I want you to notice the deer. I want you to notice crane symbol of immortality. And also the wan and it's just full of symbols. It's also beautifully carved. You can see the relief carving up on top and you can see the pierced carving in these center panels. Just to go from, so to speak, the large to the very small please look at this child's clothes rack. It could also be a towel rack.

Again, relatively symbolic, very beautifully painted and it is just a miniature of these two forms. So thanks for watching this video. Please be sure to visit our Web site, sign up for our newsletter so that you may be made aware of upcoming videos and changes to our site. Thanks so much for watching.