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John Rogers: Hi my name is John from This video is going to talk about doors that are available from China. Doors are frequently available as are architectural fragments because as China modernizes its cities, it destroys its old houses and puts new buildings on the land where the old houses were. Doors come in sets. I have two from a set here. Both of these are from Shanxi Province and are cypress and are quite thick.

There was a rather typical pattern to the way in which the doors presented. There's a panel on top, a pierced fretwork down below, a panel, a mid waist panel and panels down below. On this particular set of doors, notice please that the carving is reserved for the panel on the top. The fretwork is very highly stylized and really beautifully carved and the three panels below are very simple.

These are three door panels again from Shanxi Province, very similar to the others. In the top panel here you see the stylized bat carved above fretwork and then carved middle panel. If you'll recall the doors we showed previously had no carving in any of the three panels below. The carvings here, two of them are identical and ones slightly different.

And I presume there may have been carvings in the other door panels that I don't have. These highly decorative, beautifully done doors only hint at the beauty and grandeur of some of these houses that have been destroyed. Thanks so much for watching this video. Please visit our Web site at, sign up for our newsletter in order that you can be alerted to future video releases and also updates to the site. Thanks again for watching.