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John Rogers: Hi, my name is John Rogers. Welcome to this series of videos on antique Chinese furniture. By the time you get through seeing them you will be able to differentiate new from old furniture. You'll be able to identify the restoration to old furniture. You'll be able to specify the age of a piece of furniture within about a 50 year band. You'll be able to identify restoration, basic furniture construction. You'll be able to recognize the most frequently used woods. And you will also know something about the symbols, the Chinese symbols that add so much richness and variety to carvings and to design. Let me introduce you to my friend Yuqing. One of the things I would say about why Yuqing and I work so much together is because I don't know one of the two Chinese languages. Yuqing is bilingual in Mandarin and in English. Yuqing?

Yuqing Zhao: Hi, my name is Yuqing Zhao. I have an antique Chinese furniture business in San Francisco. John and I have been doing business for years. I make several buying trips to China every year. so as John said I'm bilingual and I'm also an expert in Chinese antique furniture. And we'll go through later some pieces to show you what's new and what's old and what type of wood they are and so forth.

John Rogers: So enjoy and I just hope that you have as much fun seeing these as we will have had in making them. Thanks so much.