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First Kang Table

A Kang is a raised platform in a Chinese house that is heated by means of pipes coming from the cooking stove.  As a result, it is the warmest place in the house, and much activity takes place on the Kang, particularly in cold weather.  Families eat on the Kang, they will often sleep on the Kang, and generally use it when ever it is uncomfortably cold in the rest of the house.  Please remember that there were no hardwood floors in China, nor was there central heating.  This particular table was made from elm most probably in Shanxi in the first quarter of the 20th century.  It still has its original paint, over coated with clear coat.  It also has very typical Chinese construction.  The feet are joined by a humpbacked stretcher supporting a waisted picture frame molded top.  Tables such as this are found and still used all over China.

Wood: Elm

Province: Shanxi

Dimensions: 12" x 20" x 20"

Price: $195