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Kang Table, Northern Elm (Yumu)

The Kang is an elevated platform built into many of China's traditional houses that receives heat from the cooking stove flues that pass underneath the Kang to vent outdoors. In Winter, with the absence of central heat, the Kang was the place where families ate and slept together. As a result furniture was built low to the ground so that it would function well on top of the Kang. This is one such table.

What sets this table apart from many others is the design of its legs and apron. The top is constructed in the typical picture frame molding design, and sits on a fairly short waist. The apron, however, flares out in dramatic fashion, and the legs are cabriole in style ending with paw on ball feet. The pad on ball is highly suggestive of the "Fu" dogs with one of the dogs having his paw on a large ball. The apron and the legs have the added refinement of a simple line carving with a dimple in the center of the apron. This maker must have had a great sense of humor. Over 100 years old.

Wood: Northern Elm

Province: Zhejiang

Dimensions: 11" x 30" x 16"

Price: $650