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Ming Style Baxian Table

Tables such as these were used all over China. They were frequently used underneath a longer taller Altar table, and pulled out for eating or for playing games. This square table has beautiful proportions. It is made of Southern Elm, has a two panel top inset into a traditional picture frame molding. A well proportioned waist separates the top and the cuffed feet. Please note the Giant's Arm Braces which added stability and strength by connecting the legs with the top. These braces have, in my opinion, been replaced - although I believe it was done some time ago. Again, this table is Ming style. Although this table is well over 100 years old, the style itself is over 500 years old.


Wood: Southern Elm

Province: Shanxi

Dimensions: 32" x 37" x 37"

Price: $4,500