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Pair of Elm Side Tables

These tables are magnificent. Just look at the proportions. Beautifully figured Northern Elm (yu mu), picture frame molded top above a waist with cuffed feet. What is particularly nice about these tables are the remnants of the original laquer. These tables are Ming style. What does Ming style really mean? To me it means that the style is over 500 years old, yet is so simple that it fits in with quite modern furniture. There is nothing cluttered about the design. They are not in the least ornate. One of the feet has been ended out - a gentle reminder of the absence of hardwood floors in China. I try to estimate age conservatively. I believe these tables to be well over 150 years old, and they may be much older than that.


Wood: Elm

Province: Shanxi

Dimensions: 33" x 38" x 18"

Price: $4,500 pair